The Book

A Little Death: A Journey to Awakening Through Meditation and Magick published by Heptarchia Press. It is available on Amazon US, Barnes & Noble and on Amazon UK. You can “look inside” on Google books  for excerpts.

Update, January 2016: Heptarchia Press is closing, and the book will temporarily be unavailable in print. The ebook versions will remain available. I will republish the print edition eventually, perhaps jointly with the sequel.

A Kindle ebook edition is now available as is a Nook ebook edition.

Please note the ebook versions do not include any of the illustrations.

From the back cover:

A series of traumatic accidents and losses is the starting-point for this unique memoir of a woman’s journey to spiritual awakening. Confronted by her mortality, and seeking a way to accept both death and living with death, Ona Kiser presents this deep exploration of modern spiritual practices, narrated with equal measures of humor and passion.

Re-visiting the lessons of her years as an initiate of Santeria, she also discovers and puts to work techniques from Buddhist meditation and Western Magick, enlisting – along the way – the guidance of a maverick guru. The result is a richly detailed map of all the joys and pitfalls of the quest for enlightenment. Like a modern-day St. Teresa of Avila, Ona skilfully navigates the waves of agony and ecstasy, the heights of mystical insight and visions, as well as the depths of confusion and despair, always in undaunted pursuit of her goal.

‘It was an end, but also a beginning, a rebirth into a new world that had always existed, hidden in plain sight.’

This blog supplements the book with accounts of ongoing personal explorations and notes on some teachings on awakening I have found particularly helpful (see menu at right to browse these categories).

The sequel, titled A Soul, Suspended,  is available as a PDF download here.



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