Saint Lazarus

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St. Lazarus

Lazarus of Bethany, famous for being raised from the dead by Jesus, has become the patron of the sick and infirm, turned to for health and protection against illness and death. As a saint he seems to have been conflated with the other biblical Lazarus from ‘the parable of the rich man and Lazarus’ (Luke 16:19-3), a poor beggar spurned by a rich man. Thus Saint Lazarus is tied to death and resurrection as well as poverty. He is depicted dressed in sack cloth, with sores on his body, hobbling on crutches, accompanied by dogs.

St. Lazarus is also syncretized with the gods of disease in several African-Diasporic traditions, such as Babalu Aye in Santeria, Omolu in Candomble, and Cobayende  in Palo.

Ask his help for: prosperity; healing of illnesses, especially skin diseases, incurable diseases and addictions.
Feast day: December 17th
Day of the week: Sundays
Color: yellow
For the altar: yellow candle, white wine, bread, popcorn, crutches, dogs

Traditional Prayer:
 (make the sign of the cross at each +)

++ Dear patron and assistant of the poor and sick. With this prayer I request your assistance, and with the aid of the Holy Spirit may the Lord always protect me during sickness or in health. Saint Lazarus give me the strength to overcome all the temptations on earth. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. ++

Alternative prayer adapted from a traditional Cuban prayer:

St. Lazarus, glorious patron of the poor, may the good spirits help me and come to my aid. When I am in danger may they stop me; when suffering is coming may it not arrive. St. Lazarus be always by my side, and in you may I find the faith and strength to carry the crosses of this road through life, on which we are set by God, Our Father. I put my faith in you to support me and console me through the worst of times. May I be inspired by your valor. St. Lazarus walk before me and drive all evil far from me. Amen.

(The photo is of my own statue of the saint.)

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